Outdoor Living in 2023

A deck or patio adds tremendous value to your back yard oasis. It becomes a versatile space for gatherings, relaxation, and personal rejuvenation. With its aesthetic appeal and practical functionality, it extends your living space into the beauty of nature, creating a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors. Embrace the transformative power of a deck or patio and enhance your outdoor living experience.

Castle Crest Custom Homes

Covered Patio

Here we have two similar yet very different concrete patios.  One set in a traditional urban neighborhood with a more formal feel and furniture.  The other was set on a bay in a less traditional vacation/retirement development.  Both were at a similar cost and for the same client two years apart.    

Outdoor living Castle Crest Custom Homes

Partially Covered Stamped Concrete Patio

Outdoor living Castle Crest Custom Homes

(Outdoor Living) Stamped Concrete Patio, Sidewalk & Steps

This was originally an old wooden deck but due to the proximity to the ocean and heavy rains the client wanted something more durable.  It was decided that this stamped concrete patio, steps and sidewalk were the perfect solution and would give years of service in the harsh coastal environment.

project gallery castle crest custom homes patio and decks

The deck and fence above were both constructed from White Cedar that we custom milled and had been reclaimed from the clients childhood home.  When we started construction of the house, this patio was to be stamped concrete but it was decided that the Cedar would add a more homey, natural feel and since the deck was off the master bedroom into a private garden it worked perfectly for outdoor living areas.

Outdoor living Castle Crest Custom Homes

Decks & Patios

Here we have two very different situations.  One is in a more traditional urban environment the other is in a secluded forest location.  For the deck on the left we used a wire rail system to allow more visibility and give a more open feel, we discussed glass but the client liked the breeze that the wire allowed and felt that it was fitting in the simple environment.  For the deck on the right no rail was needed but the client wanted some privacy so we utilized small bushes.  Both worked perfectly in their respective situations.

Outdoor living Castle Crest Custom Homes